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‎Between 1801 and 1855 Clapham, Surrey, England;

Roger Lee was recorded as "Member of Clapham Congregational Church"

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man Kenneth MacAlpin of the Picts, King of the Picts, King of the Scots‏‎ 1)
Died ‎8 Feb 858 Forteviot, Perthshire, Scotland 1)

Kenneth I of Scotland - Detail from a frieze in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Queen Street, Edinburgh

Notes: Kenneth I was the first King of the Scots according to the traditional view of Scottish history: a King of the Picts, he united the various tribes. Whether that was the case is unclear; it's equally possible he was a King of the Scots who conquered the Picts, given how quickly Pictish traditions disappeared.

His ancestors were likely the Kings of Dál Riata who can be traced in the Irish and Welsh annals back to the mid-6th century. There is no contemporary evidence to support those regnal lists.

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man Constantine I of Scotland, King of the Picts‏ 2)
Died ‎876 Battle of Inverdofatha 2)


1) Source: The Henry Project . External Link. Reference: Cináed mac Ailpín (Kenneth I) (Questionable reliability of evidence)
2) Source: The Henry Project . External Link. Reference: Causantín mac Cináeda (Constantine I) (Questionable reliability of evidence)