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William Yealland was recorded as "Labourer"

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No. of families1974
Most children13
No. of individuals3784


man Nicholas Gifford‏‎ 1)

Married/ Related



woman Anne Gifford‏ 2) 1)

Notes: "Probably a daughter of Nicholas Gifford..."


1) Source: The Ligon family and connections "that he has no records of George Lygon[1] ; but has deeds of his son...""William Lygon[2] who occurs in 1342...""Richard Lygon[3] is the first mentioned Lygon in the Madresfield Muniments, where in 1400, he obtained a release... In 1409, Richard appears...""Thomas Lygon[4] first appears... in 1414 and 1416... [as] commissioner of the King for Worcester... in 1419 Joan Braci... had married Thomas Lygon[4]""it is probable that Thomas Lygon[4] was then dead [1448]"etc.. External Link. Reference: Based on deeds and papers in Madresfield muniments (Unreliable evidence or estimated data)
2) Source: The Visitation of the County of Worcester made in the year 1569. Reference: Lygon pedigree (Questionable reliability of evidence)