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‎Between 1826 and 1857 Union Street, St George the Martyr Southwark, London, England;

Roger Lee was recorded as "Proprietor of Warehouse, Stabling, Chapel and House"

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man Theodoric of Autun, Count of Autun and Toulouse‏‎
Born ‎± 720
Died ‎± 782‎, approximately 62 years

Notes: Bernard of Septimania, son of Theodoric was described as having Carolingian blood, by Thegan in his Life of Louis the Pious. For that to be the case, either Theodoric or his wife must have had a connection to the Carolingians. Hlawitchska and Bouchard explored possible options - the two strongest being:

1) Theodoric was related to Bertrada de Prum - based on names appearing in a 751 document. This requires at least two critical assumptions to hold, both of which are weak - one is omonastic, and the other is based on prominence of names in the 751 document. This conjecture has been discounted.

2) Aldana was a daughter of Charles Martel. The evidence here is more convincing.
William of Gellone's parents are identified as Theodoric and Aldana in an 804 foundation charter for Gellone. Though the document is a 12th century forger, the familial connections are likelier to be true than not
Settipani identifies an Aquitaine necrology which lists "Willelmus…pater eius Theodericus, mater Aldana soror Hiltrudis et Landradæ"
Charles Martel is known to have had a daughter called Hiltrudis from multiple sources. Hiltrudis is an uncommon name, but that does not entail Charles' Hiltrudis is the above Hiltrudis
Gesta Episcoporum Mettensis identifies a royal Landrada, wife of Sigramnus, and a 765 charter identifies their child as a nephew of King Pipin. Which would entail Landrada as a daughter of Charles

Married/ Related

woman Aldana of the Franks‏‎
Born ‎± 722
Died ‎before 755‎

Notes: See commentary for Theodoric of Autun for evidence making Aldana the daughter of Charles Martel, wife of Theodoric and mother of WIlliam.