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Richard Ligon was recorded as "Knighted at Coronation of Anne Boleyn"

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No. of families1974
Most children13
No. of individuals3784


woman Eleanor de Gorges‏‎ 1) 2) 3)
Died ‎1376

Married 4)

man Theobald Russell‏‎ 2) 3)
Born ‎± 1303
Died ‎± Aug 1340‎, approximately 37 years 2)

Notes: Of the Isle of Wight.


man Ralph Russell, Knight‏ 5) 6) 3)
Born ‎between 1315 and 1317‎ 2)
Died ‎13 Feb 1375‎

Notes: Held the manor of Dyrham, with which the family were associated.

Ralph's youngest brother was heir to the Gorges family,


1) Source: Monuments See "Walter Dennys" for discussion on the armorials present on the monument. Evidence of link between the Gorges and Russell families.. Reference: 1505 Funerary Brass; Olveston Church (Unreliable evidence or estimated data)
2) Source: Chancery: Inquisitions Post Mortem, Series I, Edward III "Theobald Russel...Ralph his son, aged 23 and more, is his next heir...Eleanor his wife...aged 25 years and more."Dated: 11 Aug 1340. External Link. Reference: E. Enrolments &c. of Inq. No. 30 and 32 (Data from secondary evidence)
3) Source: The visitation of the county of Gloucester, taken in the year 1623 Dennis. Reference: 49-51 (Questionable reliability of evidence)
4) Source: The Oglander Collection "Witness: Sir Theobald de Gorges, Lawrence Russell his brother"Dated: 1349. External Link. Reference: OG/C/33
5) Source: The History of Parliament . External Link. Reference: Russell, Sir Maurice (1356-1416), of Kingston Russell, Dorset, Horsington, Som. and Dyrham, Glos. (Questionable reliability of evidence)
6) Source: Chancery: Inquisitions Post Mortem, Series I, Henry V "Drayton, John, kt... by their deed, dated at Dyrham on 27 Sept. 1400 and also shown, granted them to Thomas de la Ryvere, Isabel his wife and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder to Thomas and his heirs. They had issue Maurice. Thomas died and John Drayton, knight, married Isabel. He died holding the manors in right of Isabel...Ralph Russell, knight, held the manor and advowson of Dyrham...and by his deed, dated at Romsey on 19 Aug. 1369, granted it to Maurice his son and Isabel, Maurice’s wife, daughter of Edmund de Chelreye...Maurice and Isabel had issue Margaret now wife of Gilbert Denys, knight, and Isabel late the wife of John Drayton. Maurice and Isabel died, and half the manor descended to each of their daughters. John Drayton died holding half in right of Isabel...He died on 3 Oct. last. Joan and Elizabeth are his daughters and heirs, aged 8 years and more and 5 years and more."Dated: 1417. External Link. Reference: C 138/27/43 (Data from direct source)