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King Edward I
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‎Between 13 Feb 1922 and 18 Feb 1935 173 Victoria Street, London, England;

Eric Bertram Overbury was recorded as "Westminster Bank Ltd"

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No. of families1974
Most children13
No. of individuals3784


man Ralph de Gorges, 1st Baron Gorges, Knight‏‎ 1)

Married/ Related



woman Eleanor de Gorges‏ 2) 3) 1)
Died ‎1376


1) Source: The visitation of the county of Gloucester, taken in the year 1623 Dennis. Reference: 49-51 (Questionable reliability of evidence)
2) Source: Monuments See "Walter Dennys" for discussion on the armorials present on the monument. Evidence of link between the Gorges and Russell families.. Reference: 1505 Funerary Brass; Olveston Church (Unreliable evidence or estimated data)
3) Source: Chancery: Inquisitions Post Mortem, Series I, Edward III "Theobald Russel...Ralph his son, aged 23 and more, is his next heir...Eleanor his wife...aged 25 years and more."Dated: 11 Aug 1340. External Link. Reference: E. Enrolments &c. of Inq. No. 30 and 32 (Data from secondary evidence)