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‎1787 Dunster, Somerset, England;

William Harrison was recorded as "Labourer"

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man Castile, Alfonso VII of, King of León, Castile and Galicia, Emperor 1st X Berengaria of Barcelona, 2nd & Richeza of Poland* ‎1 Mar 1104/05† ‎21 Aug 1157
man Castile, Alfonso VIII of, King of Castile and Toledo X Eleanor of England* ‎11 Nov 1155† ‎5 Oct 1214
woman Castile, Berengaria of & Alfonso IX of Léon, King of Léon and Galicia* ‎between 1179 and 1180† ‎8 Nov 1246
woman Castile, Blanche of X Louis VIII of France, King of France* ‎4 Mar 1187/88† ‎27 Nov 1252
woman Castile, Constance of & Louis VII of France, King of France* ‎1141† ‎4 Oct 1160
woman Castile, Eleanor of & Edward I Plantagenet, King of England* ‎1241† ‎28 Nov 1290
woman Castile, Elvira of & Bermudo II of León, King of León* ‎± 978† ‎1017
man Castile, Ferdinand III of, King of Léon, Galicia, Castile and Toledo & Joan of Ponthieu, Countess of Ponthieu* ‎5 Aug 1199† ‎30 May 1252
man Castile, Fernán González of, Count of Castile & Sancha Sánchez of Navarre* ‎± 910* Lara de los Infantes, Burgos, Castilla-Leon, Spain† ‎970† Burgos, Castilla-Leon, Spain
man Castile, Garcia Fernandez of, Count of Castile and Alava & Ava of Ribagorza* ‎938* Burgos, Castilla-Leon, Spain† ‎995† Cordoba, Andalucia, Spain
man Castile, Gonzalo Fernández of, Count of Burgos and Castile & Muinadona Unknown
woman Castile, Muniadona Fernández of & Gómez Díaz of Saldaña
woman Castile, Muniadona of & Sancho III of Pamplona, King of Pamplona, Count of Aragon† ‎1066
woman Castile, Sancha of & Alfonso II of Aragon, King of Aragon, Count of Barcelona* ‎between 21 Sep 1154 and 21 Sep 1155† ‎9 Nov 1208
woman Castile, Sancha Sánchez of & Berenguer Ramon I of Barcelona, Count of Barcelona
man Castile, Sancho Garcia of, Count of Castile and Alava & Urraca Gómez† ‎1017
man Castile, Sancho III of, King of Castile and Toledo & Blanche of Navarre* ‎1134† ‎31 Aug 1158
woman Castile, Urraca Fernández of & Sancho II of Pamplona, King of Pamplona, Count of Aragon† ‎1007
woman Castile, Urraca of León and, Empress of Spain; Queen of León, Castile, and Galicia & Raymond of Burgundy, Count of Galicia* ‎Apr 1079† ‎8 Mar 1125/26

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