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‎Between 877 and 879;

Louis II 'the Stammerer' of France was recorded as "King of France"

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woman France, Adele of & Baldwin V of Flanders, Count of Flanders* ‎between 1010 and 1015† ‎8 Jan 1078/79† Mesen, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
woman France, Alpaïde of, Abbess of Saint-Pierre-le-Bas in Reims & Bego of Paris, Count of Paris* ‎± 797† ‎after 852
woman France, Alys of, Countess of the Vexin & William IV of Ponthieu, Count of Ponthieu* ‎4 Oct 1160† ‎± 1220
man France, Charles II 'the Bald' of, King of Neustria, Emperor, King of the Western Franks, King of Western Lorraine, King of Italy X Ermentrude of Orleans* ‎13 Jun 823* Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany† ‎6 Oct 877
man France, Charles III 'the Simple' of, King of France & Eadgifu of Wessex* ‎17 Sep 879† ‎7 Oct 929
woman France, Cunigunda of & Wigeric of Lotharingia, Count in Bidgau* ‎between 885 and 895
woman France, Ermentrude of & Unknown* ‎between 870 and 877
woman France, Gisela of X Eberhard of Friuli, Duke of Friuli* ‎between 819 and 822† ‎after 1 Jul 874
woman France, Gisela of & Hugh I of Ponthieu, Count of Ponthieu* ‎± 968† ‎1002
woman France, Hedwig of & Reginar IV of Mons, Count of Mons* ‎± 970† ‎after 1013
man France, Henry I of, King of France X Anne of Kiev* ‎4 May 1008* Reims, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France† ‎4 Aug 1060
woman France, Hildegard of * ‎± 802
man France, Hugh 'the Great' of, Duke of the Franks X Hedwig of Saxony* ‎± 898† ‎between 16 and 17 Jun 956† Dourdain, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France
man France, Hugh I of, Count of Vermandois & Adelaide of Vermandois* ‎1057† ‎18 Oct 1101
woman France, Judith of X Baldwin I of Flanders, Lay-abbot of St Peter's Ghe, Count* ‎± 844† ‎after 870
man France, Louis I 'the Pious' of, King of Aquitaine, Joint Emperor, Emperor 1st X Ermengarde of Hesbaye, 2nd & Unknown, 3rd X Judith of Bavaria* ‎± 776* Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, Aquitaine, France† ‎20 Jun 840† Island in the Rhine, Mainz, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
man France, Louis II 'the Stammerer' of, King of Aquitaine, King of Neustria, King of France X Adelaide of Paris* ‎± 1 Nov 846† ‎10 Apr 879† Compiègne,France
man France, Louis IV of, King of France X Gerberga of Saxony, Abbess of Notre-Dame de Soissons* ‎10 Sep 920† ‎10 Sep 954
man France, Louis IX of, King of France & Margaret of Provence* ‎25 Apr 1214† ‎25 Aug 1270
man France, Louis VI of, King of France & Adelaide of Maurienne* ‎1 Dec 1081† ‎1 Aug 1137
man France, Louis VII of, King of France 1st & Constance of Castile, 2nd & Adele de Champagne* ‎1120† ‎18 Sep 1180
man France, Louis VIII of, King of France X Blanche of Castile* ‎5 Sep 1187† ‎8 Nov 1226
woman France, Margaret of X Edward I Plantagenet, King of England* ‎± 1279† ‎14 Feb 1317/18
woman France, Matilda of & Conrad of Burgundy, King of Burgundy* ‎± 943† ‎27 Jan 991/92
man France, Philip I of, King of France 1st & Bertha of Holland, 2nd X Bertrade de Montfort* ‎23 May 1052† ‎29 Jul 1108
man France, Philip II of, King of France & Isabella of Hainaut* ‎21 Aug 1165† ‎14 Jul 1223
man France, Philip III of, King of France & Maria of Brabant* ‎30 Apr 1245† ‎5 Oct 1285
man France, Robert 'the Strong' of, Count of Blois, Count of Autun, Lay-abbot of Marmoutier, Lay-abbot of Saint-Martin de Tours, Count of Anjou, Marquis in Neustria, Count of Auxerre and Nevers & Unknown† ‎866
man France, Robert I of, Count of Paris, Orléans, Tours, Abbot of Saint-Martin de Tours, Lay-abbot of Marmoutier, Marquis in Neustria, King of France 1st & Uncertain, 2nd & Beatrice Unknown* ‎before 866† ‎15 Jun 923† Soissons, Côte-d'Or, Bourgogne, France
man France, Robert II of, King of France X Constance of Arles* ‎between 970 and 974* Orléans, Loiret, Centre, France† ‎20 Jul 1031† Melun, Seine-et-Marne, Île-de-France, France

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