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William Howard Overbury was recorded as "Scholar"

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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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woman Unknown, X William Parker† ‎Apr 1701† Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
woman Unknown, & Henry of Burgundy
woman Unknown, & Michael of Hungary
woman Unknown, & Hnabi of Alemannia, Count of Alemannia
woman Unknown, & Giselbert of Luxembourg, Count of Luxembourg
woman Unknown, & Ingram of Hesbaye, Count
man Unknown, & N.N.
woman Unknown, & Galindo Aznárez I of Aragon, Count of Aragon
woman Unknown, & García Íñiguez of Pamplona, King of Pamplona
woman Unknown, & Aznar Galíndez I of Aragon, Count of Aragon
man Unknown, & Ermentrude of France
woman Unknown, & Hilduin III of Montdidier, Count of Montdidier
woman Unknown, & Ramiro I of Asturias, King of Asturias
woman Unknown, & Bermudo I of Asturias, King of Asturias
woman Unknown, & Fruela of Cantabria, Duke of Cantabria
woman Unknown, & Roger de Berkeley
woman Unknown, & Taksony of Hungary, Grand Prince of the Hungarians
woman Unknown, & Zoltán of Hungary, Grand Prince of the Hungarians
woman Unknown, & Owain ab Edwin of Tegeingl* ‎1048† ‎1065
woman Unknown, & Sitric Cáech of Dublin, King of Dublin and Northumbria
woman Unknown, & Brian Bóruma mac Cennétig of Dál Cais, High King of Ireland, King of Munster
woman Unknown, & Merfyn Frych ap Gwriad of Gwynedd, King of Gwynedd
woman Unknown, & Rhodri ap Merfyn of Gwynedd, King of Gwynedd
woman Unknown, & Theodoric II of Montbéliard, Count of Montbéliard
woman Unknown, & Dietrich of Haldensleben, Margrave of the Nordmark
woman Unknown, & Geoffrey of Brionne, Count of Eu, Count of Brionne
woman Unknown, & Alduin I of Angoulême
woman Unknown, & Maurice FitzGerald, Lord of Lanstephan
woman Unknown, & Frederic of Verdun, Count of Verdun
woman Unknown, & Guiges V of Albon, Count of Albon and Grenoble