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‎Between 942 and 996;

Richard I 'the Fearless' of Normandy was recorded as "Leader of the Normans of Rouen"

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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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man Abenhall, Reginald de, Knight & Joan Unknown† ‎± Aug 1341
man Abenhall, Ralph de, Knight & Isabel de Dene* ‎25 Mar 1317† ‎9 Aug 1347
man Abetot, Urse de, Viscount & Alice Unknown† ‎1108
woman Abetot, Emeline de X Walter de Beauchamp
woman Abrahall, Margaret & Robert 'ap Eignon' Baynham
man Aigle, Gilbert of l' & Juliana du Perche
woman Aigle, Margaret of l' & Garcia Ramirez of Navarre, King of Navarre† ‎1141
woman Airgialla, Lassar of & Fínán mac Maine of Uí Dúnlainge
woman Albon, Mahaut of & Amadeus III of Savoy, Count of Savoy* ‎1112† ‎1148
man Albon, Guiges IV of, Count of Albon & Marguerite of Burgundy† ‎28 Jun 1142
man Albon, Guiges V of, Count of Albon and Grenoble & Unknown* ‎± 1125† ‎29 Jul 1162
woman Albon, Beatrice of, Countess of Albon, Dauphine of Viennois & Hugh III of Burgundy, Duke of Burgundy* ‎1161† ‎1228
man Albon, Guigues II of & Petronel of Turin
man Albon, Guiges III of, Count of Albon & Matilda Unknown* ‎between 1050 and 1060† ‎21 Dec 1133
woman Albon, Gersende of & William III of Forcalquier, Count of Forcalquier
man Aldeburgh, William, 1st Baron Aldeburgh & N.N.† ‎1388
woman Aldeburgh, Elizabeth & Brian Stapleton, Knight* ‎1364† ‎21 Dec 1417
man Alemannia, Huoching of & Unknown
man Alemannia, Hnabi of, Count of Alemannia & Unknown* ‎between 690 and 700† ‎before 9 Aug 773
woman Alemannia, Emma of & Gerold of Vinzgouw, Count in Alemannia* ‎± 740† ‎798
man Alençon, John I of, Count of Alençon & Beatrice d'Anjou* ‎± 1120† ‎24 Feb 1191
woman Alençon, Aenor of & Hugh III of Châtellerault, Viscount of Châtellerault* ‎± 1150† ‎1223
woman Allen, Agnes X Reginald Filmer
woman Alsace, Adelaide of & Henry of Speyer
man Alsace, Matthew of, Count of Boulogne & Marie de Boulogne, Countess of Boulogne* ‎± 1137† ‎1173
man Altdorf, Rudolf I of, Count of Altdorf & N.N.
man Altdorf, Rudolf II of, Count of Altdorf & Ita of Swabia† ‎± 990
man Altdorf, Welf II of, Count of Swabia & Ermentrude of Luxembourg* ‎between 960 and 970† ‎10 Mar 1030
woman Altdorf, Kunigunde of & Alberto Azzo II of Milan, Margrave of Milan* ‎± 1020† ‎31 Aug 1054
man Anderson, George & Isabel Wightman