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King Edward I
King Henry I
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‎1895 Dunster, Somerset, England;

Thomas Woolcott was recorded as "Tailor"

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No. of families2092
Most children13
No. of individuals4464


man Fulk V d'Anjou, Count of Anjou, King of Jerusalem‏‎ 1) 2) 3)
Born ‎between 1089 and 1092‎ 1)
Died ‎13 Nov 1143 Acre, Kingdom of Jerusalem, Outremer, Levant‎ 1)

Married/ Related

woman Eremburge de la Fleche, Countess of Maine‏‎ 4) 2)
Died ‎1126 4)


man Elias II d'Anjou, Count of Maine‏ 3)
Died ‎15 Jan 1151
woman Sibylla d'Anjou‏
Born ‎± 1112
Died ‎1165‎, approximately 53 years
man Geoffrey V Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, Touraine and Maine, Duke of Normandy‏ 5) 6) 7)
Born ‎24 Aug 1113‎ 5)
Died ‎7 Sep 1151 Chateau-du-Loir, Sarthe, Pays de la Loire, France‎, 38 years 5)


1) Source: The Henry Project . External Link. Reference: Foulques (Fulk) V (Questionable reliability of evidence)
2) Source: The Ecclesiastical History of England and Normandy: Volume III "Elias, son of John and Paula, and cousin of Hugh count of Maine, was distinguished for his piety to God… He married an illustrious lady, Matilda, daughter of Gervase, who was the son of Robert surnamed Brochard, brother of Gervase, archbishop of Rheims… His wife bore him a daughter named Eremburga, who, when she became marriageable, was espoused to Fulk, then Count of Anjou, and who is now king of Jerusalem, and gave birth to an illustrious progeny, Geoffrey and Elias, Matilda and Sybilla ; the daughters marrying the sons of kings, but by God's providence which disposes all things well, they soon became widows." (Data from secondary evidence)
3) Source: The Chronicle of Robert of Torigni "Obiit Guillelmus Talavacius, comes Pontivi, et sucessit ei Johannes, nepos suus, in comitatu Pontivi, Guidone primogenito suo. In terra vero quam count of tenebat de rege Anglorum in Normannia et in Cenomannensi pago, successit ei Johannes comes, Alius ejus. Iste duxit filiam comitis Heliae, fratris comitis Gaufridi Andeeavorum et ducis Normannorum.". Reference: 1171 (Data from secondary evidence)
4) Source: The Henry Project . External Link. Reference: Éremburge de la Flèche (Questionable reliability of evidence)
5) Source: The Henry Project . External Link. Reference: Geoffrey V "le Bel" or "Plantagenet" (Questionable reliability of evidence)
6) Source: Chronica Magistri Rogeri de Houdene "after whose death [Stephen] Henry, the son of Geoffrey, earl of Anjou, and of Matilda, the former empress of the Romans, and daughter of the before-named king Henry the First, took the helm of the kingdom of England" (Data from direct source)
7) Source: The Ecclesiastical History of England and Normandy: Volume III "Henry, king of England, gave his daughter Matilda in marriage to the emperor… After her husband's death, the empress Matilda returned to her native country… The king of England, her father, afterwards married her to Geoffrey count of Anjou ; and she bore her husband a son, named Henry, in the year of our Lord 1133" (Data from secondary evidence)