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‎Between 965 and 997;

Godfrey I of Verdun was recorded as "Count of Verdun"

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No. of families2092
Most children13
No. of individuals4464


woman Ita of Ohningen‏‎

Married/ Related

man Rudolf of Altdorf, Count in Altdorf‏‎ 1)
Died ‎± 992 1)

Notes: How Welf, son of Rudolf, descends from the earlier individuals with the name Welf is very unclear. The ancestry from Rudolf back to Conrad (son of the first Welf) as shown here is the "standard" line shown in secondary sources (e.g. Europäische Stammtafeln), but most steps do not seem to be provable from primary sources.


man Welf of Altdorf, Count of Swabia‏ 1)
Died ‎10 Mar 1030 1)


1) Source: Les Félins de Brunswick: Henri le Lion, duc de Saxe, et ses fils: l'empereur Otton IV, le comte palatin Henri (XIIe et XIIIe siècles) A family tree for the early House of Welf, claiming to only show known facts.. Reference: Page 259 (Questionable reliability of evidence)