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King Edward I
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‎1851 Dawell Brae, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland;

William Turnbull was recorded as "Fisherman"

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woman Athelaise, & Geoffrey de Mandeville, Constable of the Tower of London
woman Auria, & FortĂșn GarcĂ©s of Pamplona, King of Pamplona
woman Emilde, & Rotbold II of Provence
woman Gerberga, & Henry of Schweinfurt, Margrave of the Nordgau
woman Gerberge, & Boso I of Turin, Viscount of Turin
woman Hildegard, & Dirk II of Holland, Count in Frisia and Holland
woman Hildegard, & Adalbert Atto of Canossa
woman Illegitimate, & Robert I 'the Magnificent' of Normandy, Duke of Normandy
man Illegitimate, & Mary Paddon
woman Illegitimate, & Geoffrey V Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, Touraine and Maine, Duke of Normandy
man Illegitimate, & Joane Witherton
man Illegitimate, & Elizabeth Hunter
man Illegitimate, & Anne Haukeridge
woman Illegitimate, & Richard I 'the Fearless' of Normandy, Leader of the Normans of Rouen
man Illegitimate, & Elizabeth Heard
woman Illegitimate, & Richard Cholmeley, Knight
man Illegitimate, & Gertrude Barrett
man Illegitimate, & Ann White
woman Illegitimate, & Garcia Sanchez III of Pamplona, King of Navarre and Nagara
woman Illegitimate, & Robert FitzRoy, 1st Earl of Gloucester
woman Illegitimate, & Henry I of England, King of England, Duke of Normandy
woman Illegitimate, & Alexander II of Scotland, King of Scotland
woman Mathilde, & Rapoto IV of Cham
woman Maud, & Reginald de Grey
man Menumorut, & N.N.
woman Orengarde, & Hugh of Lusignan† ‎1169
woman Othelindis, & Dirk III of Holland
woman Pavia, & Otto of Vermandois, Count of Vermandois
woman Railend, & Oberto II of Milan, Margrave of Milan
woman Richildis, & Bivin of Gorze