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‎1837 Morwenstow, Cornwall, England;

William Petherick was recorded as "Labourer"

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Most children13
No. of individuals3784


man John Downing‏‎ 1)
Born ‎± 1765‎ 2) 3)
Baptised ‎26 Nov 1769 Hartland, Devon, England 3)
Died ‎Jan 1839 Mead, Welcombe, Devon, England‎, approximately 74 years 4) 2)
Buried ‎16 Jan 1839 Welcombe, Devon, England 2)

Married ‎10 May 1802 Welcombe, Devon, England 5) (approximately 32 years married)

woman Mary Pooley‏‎ 1)
Born ‎± 1769 Based on age at death.6)
Died ‎± Dec 1834 Welcombe, Devon, England‎, approximately 65 years 6)
Buried ‎20 Dec 1834 Welcombe, Devon, England 6)


man John Downing‏‎
Born ‎± 1802 Welcombe, Devon, England
Died ‎± 1802 Welcombe, Devon, England‎, approximately 1 years
man John Downing‏ 7) 8) 9) 10)
Born ‎1803 Welcombe, Devon, England‎ 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 1) 7)
Baptised ‎14 Aug 1803 Welcombe, Devon, England 1)
Died ‎1890 Morwenstow, Cornwall, England‎, 86 or 87 years 16)
Occupation: ‎between 1840 and 1881; Agricultural Labourer 14) 12) 13) 10) 11) 7) 9)
Residences: ‎1841 Eastcott, Morwenstow, Cornwall, England 7), ‎between 1851 and 1871 Woolley, Morwenstow, Cornwall, England 11) 14) 12), ‎1881 Eastcott, Morwenstow, Cornwall, England 13)

Aprentice: Apprenticed to James Haynes ‎1811 Hartland, Devon, England 15)

Notes: John Downing was employed by Parson Robert Stephen Hawkes, the Vicar of Morwenstow, on Globe Farm, for many years. John lived in Eastcott, Morwenstow, before later moving to Wooley c1845 where he lived with his wife until c1875. John and Sarah were boarding with a farmer, William Johns in 1881. William Johns was possibly Sarah’s cousin (via her grandmother).
man William Downing‏‎
Born ‎± 1805 Bradworthy, Devon, England‎
woman Mary Downing‏‎
Born ‎± 1808 Bradworthy, Devon, England‎
woman Elizabeth Downing‏‎
Born ‎± 1810 Welcombe, Devon, England‎


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16) Source: Western Times "Western Times 25 February 1916Grand Old LadyTomorrow will be the hundredth birthday of Mrs Downing, of 52 Richards-terrace, Roath. Many happy returns of the day to the dear old lady. Mrs Downing was born on February 26th 1816, at Beckland, Harland and now resides with her daughter, Sarah Harding.A few days ago we had the opportunity of meeting this remarkable old lady at her home, and found her most ready and willing to engage in a quiet chat. Though her sight is naturally little defective and her hearing somewhat dull, she is nevertheless quite happy and takes no little interest in passing events.Her memory also is wonderful. It carries her back to the days when her father had only five shillings a week to keep himself and four little ones. And she remembers the time when he used to be billeted out for the winter on some farm or other.There were no school attendance officers in those days and so, when Sarah was nine, her father ran no risk in having her bound parish apprentice at Brownsham Farm. It may be that the strenuous open air life of those days explains her longevity.Sarah stayed on the Brownsham farm until she was a romping ruddy faced lass of one and twenty. On attaining her majority she removed to Woolley, near Mornwestow, Cornwall, and there Cupid began to weave a tale. It seems but yesterday to the grand old lady since the joyful day in March of 1837, when she promised to love, honour, and obey John Downing, of that parish. That chapter of felicity continued unbroken until 1890, when death came and closed the book.After her husband's passing, Mrs Downing removed to Cardiff, and there she has since remained.THOUGHTS OF HOMEBut though she is many miles from her native village it became apparent, as we talked with her, that her mind often wanders back to Devon. Still she speaks of the Brownsham farm days and of how they used to go via Newberry Hill to Hartland Church, and heading the "butifulst" bells ring from the old tower. There was then only one carriage driven to church - that from the Abbey.And the impressions of fifty years at Morwenstow have naturally a very prominent place in her thoughts. The name of Morwenstow at once reminded us of the celebrated Hawker, the eccentric and clever Vicar of that remote parish and Mrs Downing was delighted to recall her early association with this world-famed clergyman.In common, however with the majority of the West Country folk, her inclinations were away from the Anglican Church towards Methodism, and consequently for long years she was identified with the people called "Bible Christians" in one of the neighbouring villages (Eastcott). She knows nothing of United Methodists to-day, but she is pleased at any time to have a talk with a "Bible Christian" minister."Yes," she said, "our ministers at home were good men, and they were greatly beloved by the people. They had to work very hard. Journeys in the circuit were very long, and difficulties very many, but that always seemed happy and were read to sing and shout for joy."Samuel Crocker, Thomas Woolridge, William Courtice and Samuel Pollard (sneior) were among the many who made a deep impression on the religious life of the neighbourhood, and Mrs. Downing speaks in highest praise of their labours.Mrs Downing speaks in gratified terms of all the love that is showered upon her. "I receive," she said, "nothing but love and kindness, God has been very good to me, Jesus is with me always." There are times when she grows just a bit weary, and then she finds herself longing for "Home," but she is not impatient. "The Lord knows best. When He wants me He will send for me, and then, I shall be quite ready to go."CAN READ STILLThere are two sons and a daughter (Mrs. Harding) living; the eldest of the family resides in America, and is fast approaching his 80th year, but to his mother he is still "my Boy in America."There are two cousins of the centenarian residing in Hartland:- Mr. George Williams and Mrs. T Thorne. Their mother was Mrs. Ann Cook, daughter of William Cory (of Ashmansworthy, Woolsery). Mrs Cook was buried in Hartland Churchyard at the end of November, 1900 aged 87. Her brother, Jon Cory, died at Ashencherry," January 15th, 1907, aged 81 years.The following entries in the old lady's family bible are of interest:-Francis Cory (her father) born 1790Francis Cory, died at Morwenstow Feb. 27, 1870" , buried at Hartland, Mar. 2, 1870Margaret (her mother), born March 1st, 1795" died Feb. 8th, 1866" buried Feb. 11th, 1866Sarah, daughter of Francis and Margaret Cory, born (at Beckland) Feb. 26th 1816All were born at Hartland.The following entries are contained in the Hartland Church registers:-Baptism - 1816, Mar. 24th, Sarah, daughter of Francis and Margaret Cory. Rev. W. Changer.Burial - Feb. 11th, 1866, Margaret Cory, aged 70 years.Morwenstow parish registers have the entry:-Marriage - 25th March, 1837, John Downing to Sara Cory. Rev. R. S. Hawker.Mrs Downing is still hale and hearty, able to get about and reads a newspaper every day.A hundred milestones on the highway of Life. They span a long and tortuous journey. May the old lady's last few miles be pleasant ones to tread!". Reference: 25 February 1916, Page 11. (Questionable reliability of evidence)