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‎Between 1035 and 1067;

Baldwin V of Flanders was recorded as "Count of Flanders"

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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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man Aston, John de, High Sheriff of Staffordshire & N.N.
man Aston, Ralph de & N.N.
man Aston, Roger X Joyce Freville† ‎± 1446
man Aston, Roger de & Syibilla de la Launde† ‎1300
man Aston, Roger de, Knight & Isabel Unknown† ‎± 1362
man Aston, Thomas, Knight X Elizabeth de Leigh
man Asturias, Alfonso III of, King of León, Galicia and Asturias & Jimena of Pamplona* ‎± 848† ‎Dec 910
man Asturias, Bermudo I of, King of Asturias & Unknown* ‎± 750† ‎797
man Asturias, Ordoño I of, King of Asturias & Muniadona Unknown* ‎± 821† ‎27 May 866
man Asturias, Ramiro I of, King of Asturias & Unknown* ‎± 790† ‎1 Feb 850
woman Athelaise, & Geoffrey de Mandeville, Constable of the Tower of London
man Aton, Gilbert d' † ‎after 1314
woman Aton, Isabel d' & Roger Darcy† ‎before 15 Jul 1320
man Aton, William d' & Isabel de Vere* ‎1219† ‎before 1285
man Aton, William d' & N.N.
woman Auberie, Albreda de la Haye & Humphrey de Vielles
woman Aubigny, Alice d' & John of Eu, Count of Eu† ‎11 Sep 1188
woman Aubigny, Isabel d' & John FitzAlan, Lord of Clun and Oswestry
woman Aubigny, Nicole d' & Roger de Somery
man Aubigny, William, 1st Earl of Arundel d' X Adeliza of Louvain* ‎± 1109† ‎25 Sep 1176
man Aubigny, William d' & Maud Bigod
man Aubigny, William, 3rd Earl of Arundel d' & Mabel of Chester* ‎before 1180† ‎1 Feb 1220/21
man Aubigny, William, 2nd Earl of Arundel, Earl of Sussex d' X Maud de Saint Hilaire* ‎before 1150† ‎24 Dec 1193
man Audley, Hugh de, 1st Earl of Gloucester, 1st Baron Audley X Margaret de Clare† ‎10 Nov 1347
man Audley, Hugh de & Isolde de Mortimer* ‎after 1250† ‎9 Mar 1325/26
man Audley, James de & Ela Longespée† ‎11 Jun 1272
woman Audley, Margaret de, 2nd Baroness Audley X Ralph de Stafford, 2nd Baron Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford* ‎between 1314 and 1317
woman Aumale, Bertha of & Hugh II of Ponthieu, Count of Ponthieu
woman Aunay, Aldearde of & Herbert I of Thouars, Viscount of Thouars
man Aunay, Cadelon III of, Viscount of Aunay X Senégonde of Marcillac† ‎before 988