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‎1815 London, England;

Joseph Overbury was recorded as "Complex legal case between Joseph and all his siblings and the grandchild of Anthony Roper regarding Anthony Roper's will."

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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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man Balliol, Eustace de & N.N.
man Balliol, Hugh de & Cecily de Fontaines† ‎1229
man Balliol, John de & Devorgilla of Galloway* ‎before 1208† ‎25 Oct 1268
woman Bamburgh, Aelfflaed of & Siward of Northumbria, Earl of Northumbria
man Bamburgh, Ealdred II of, Earl of Bernicia & N.N.† ‎1038
man Bamburgh, Uhtred 'the Bold' of & N.N.† ‎1016
man Bamburgh, Waltheof of & N.N.
woman Bar, Ermengard of & Herbert III of Vermandois, Count of Vermandois
woman Bar, Sophie of & Louis of Montbéliard, Count of Montbéliard* ‎between 1004 and 1018† ‎1093
woman Bar-sur-Aube, Adele of & Raoul III of Valois
man Barantyne, Drew & Jane Drayton* ‎1405† ‎1453
woman Barantyne, Katherine 1st X William Fettiplace, 2nd & Robert Danvers, Chief Justice of the Common Plea, Knight
man Barantyne, Reynold & Jane James* ‎± 1386† ‎1415
man Barantyne, Thomas & Elizabeth Malyns† ‎before 1416
woman Barcelona, Berengaria of X Alfonso VII of Castile, King of León, Castile and Galicia, Emperor* ‎1116† ‎15 Jan 1149
man Barcelona, Berenguer Ramon I of, Count of Barcelona & Sancha Sánchez of Castile* ‎1005† ‎26 May 1035
man Barcelona, Borrell II of, Count of Barcelona & Letgarda Unknown† ‎993
man Barcelona, Ramon Berenguer I of, Count of Barcelona & Almodis de la Marche* ‎1023† ‎26 May 1076
man Barcelona, Ramon Berenguer II of, Count of Barcelona & Maud of Apulia* ‎between 1053 and 1054† ‎5 Dec 1082
man Barcelona, Ramon Berenguer III of, Count of Barcelona & Douce I of Provence, Countess of Provence* ‎1 Nov 1082* Rodez, Aveyron, Midi-Pyrénées, France† ‎1131
man Barcelona, Ramon Berenguer IV of, Count of Barcelona & Petronilla of Aquitaine* ‎± 1114† ‎6 Aug 1162
man Barcelona, Ramon Borrell of, Count of Barcelona & Ermesinde of Carcassonne* ‎972† ‎1017
man Barcelona, Sunyer of & N.N.* ‎± 870† ‎950
man Barcelona, Wilfred the Hairy of, Count of Barcelona & Guinidilda Unknown† ‎11 Aug 897
woman Bardolf, Isolda de & Henry de Grey
woman Bardolf, Rohesia & John Russell
man Bardolf, Thomas & Unknown Corbet
man Bardoul, Hugh, Lord of Broyes, Beaumont, Pithiviers, and Nogent-le-Roi. & N.N.* ‎± 1014* Broyes, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France† ‎after 1058
woman Bardoul, Isabel & Simon I de Montfort, Lord of Montfort* ‎± 1034* Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France
man Barling, Thomas X Elizabeth Wakeham* ‎1645† ‎1676