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‎Between 1797 and 1798 The Pack-Horse, Woodhouse, Leeds, Yorkshire, England;

Elizabeth Unknown was recorded as "Inn Keeper"

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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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man Birmingham, Robert de & N.N.
man Birmingham, Thomas de & N.N.
woman Biset, Isabella & Hugh du Plessis
man Biset, John & N.N.
woman Blakett, Ann & Ralph Baskerville
man Blakett, John, Knight X Margaret Unknown† ‎24 Jun 1430
woman Blauminster, Maud de X William de Bracy* ‎before 1250† ‎after 1290
man Blauminster, William de & Eva FitzWarin
man Blieskastel, Folmar III, Count in Bliesgau von & N.N.
woman Blieskastel, Richilde von & Theodoric I of Upper Lorraine, Duke of Upper Lorraine
woman Blois, Bertha de & Alan III of Brittany, Count of Rennes, Duke of Brittany* ‎± 1005† ‎± 1080
woman Blois, Emma de & William IV of Aquitaine, Duke of Aquitaine* ‎± 950
man Blois, Odo I, Count of Blois de & Bertha of Burgundy* ‎± 950† ‎12 Mar 995/96
man Blois, Odo II, Count of Blois de & Ermengarde of Auvergne* ‎983† ‎15 Nov 1037
man Blois, Stephen, King of England, Earl of Morton de & Matilda of Boulogne, Countess of Boulogne* ‎between 1092 and 1096† ‎25 Oct 1154
man Blois, Stephen II, Count of Blois de & Adela of Normandy* ‎± 1045† ‎19 May 1102
man Blois, Theobald I, Count of Blois de & Luitgarde of Vermandois* ‎913† ‎16 Jan 974/75
man Blois, Theobald III, Count of Blois, Count of Chartres de & Gersende of Maine* ‎1012† ‎1089
woman Bluet, Elizabeth & James de Berkeley* ‎± 1357† ‎1420
man Bluet, John & Katherine Gwrgan* ‎1322
man Bluet, Ralph & Amice Pichard
man Bluet, Ralph & Elizabeth Ferch Rhys ap Hywel* ‎1300† ‎before 1377
man Bodrugan, Henry de & N.N.† ‎after 1260
man Bodrugan, Henry de & Sibyl de Mandeville* ‎± 1263† ‎Jan 1309
woman Bodrugan, Joan & John Whalesborough* ‎± 1310† ‎5 Jun 1349
man Bodrugan, Otto de & Margaret Champernon* ‎6 Jan 1290* Bodrugan, Cornwall, England† ‎Sep 1331
man Bodrugan, Philip de, Knight & N.N.
man Bodrugan, Roger de, Lord of Bodrugan & Isolda de Pyn* ‎± 1245† ‎± 1272
man Bohemia, Boleslav I of, Duke of Bohemia & Biagota Unknown* ‎± 915† ‎15 Jul 967
man Bohemia, Boleslav II of, Duke of Bohemia X Emma Unknown* ‎± 932† ‎7 Feb 999