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‎Between 1461 and 1462;

James Strangeways was recorded as "Speaker of the House of Commons"

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woman Auria, & Fortún Garcés of Pamplona, King of Pamplona
man Auriate, Roger of & N.N.
woman Austrasia, Begga of, Saint & Ansigisel of Metz* ‎615† ‎17 Dec 693
man Austria, Adalbert of, Margrave of Austria & Frozza Orseolo* ‎± 985† ‎26 May 1055
man Austria, Ernest of, Margrave of Austria & Adelaide of Eilenburg* ‎1027† ‎10 Jun 1075
man Austria, Leopold I of, Margrave of Austria & Richardis of Sualafeldgau* ‎± 940† ‎10 Jul 994
man Austria, Leopold II of, Margrave of Austria & Ida of Formbach-Ratelnberg* ‎1050† ‎12 Oct 1095
man Austria, Leopold III of, Saint, Margrave of Austria X Agnes of Germany* ‎1073† ‎15 Nov 1136
man Autun, Theodoric of, Count of Autun and Toulouse & Aldana of the Franks* ‎± 720† ‎± 782
woman Auvergne, Ermengarde of & Odo II de Blois, Count of Blois
man Auvergne, Gerard of, Count of Auvergne & Unknown of France† ‎25 Jun 841
man Auvergne, Robert I of & N.N.
woman Auxerre, Adelaide of & Richard of Burgundy, Duke of Burgundy* ‎± 849
man Auxerre, Conrad of, Count in Argengau and Linzgau & Adelaide of Tours† ‎after 862
woman Auxonne, Beatrice of & Simon de Joinville
man Auxonne, Stephen II of, Count of Auxonne & Judith of Lorraine
man Auxonne, Stephen III of, Count of Auxonne & Beatrice de Châlon† ‎1241
woman Avalgau, Ermentrude of & Heribert of Kinziggau, Count in Kinziggau
man Avalgau, Megingoz of, Count of Avalgau & Gerberga of Lotharingia† ‎± 998† Gelderland, Netherlands
man Avranches, Helisende d' & William II of Eu, Count of Eu, Baron of Hastings
woman Avranches, Mathilde d' & William de Curcy
woman Aybar, Sancha de & Sancho III of Pamplona, King of Pamplona, Count of Aragon
woman Aylesbury, Eleanor de X Humphrey Stafford, Knight* ‎± 1406† ‎after Jun 1481
man Aylesbury, John de, Knight X Isabel Unknown* ‎6 May 1334* Weldon, Northamptonshire, England† ‎7 Dec 1409
man Aylesbury, Philip de & Margaret de Kaynes† ‎14 Jul 1349
man Aylesbury, Thomas de, Knight X Katherine de Pabenham* ‎± 1360† ‎9 Sep 1418
man Aylesbury, Thomas de & Joan Bassett† ‎before 20 Aug 1349
man Aylesbury, Walter de & N.N.
woman Babenberg, Agnes of & Władysław II 'the Exile' of Poland, High Duke of Poland* ‎between 1108 and 1113† ‎between 24 and 25 Jan 1163
woman Babenberg, Judith of & William V of Montferrat, Marquess of Montferrat* ‎between 1115 and 1120† ‎after 1168