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‎Between 842 and 858;

Kenneth MacAlpin of the Picts was recorded as "King of the Picts"

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woman Anjou, Adelaide-Blanche d' 1st X William I of Provence, Count of Arles, Count of Provence, 2nd X Raymond of Toulouse, Prince of Gothia* ‎between 945 and 950† ‎1026[] Montmajor, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
woman Anjou, Beatrice d' & John I of Alençon, Count of Alençon
man Anjou, Elias II, Count of Maine d' & Philippa of Perche† ‎15 Jan 1151
woman Anjou, Ermengarde d' 1st & Geoffrey of Château-Landon, Count of Gâtinais, 2nd & Robert I of Burgundy, Duke of Burgundy† ‎18 Mar 1075/76
woman Anjou, Ermengarde d' & Alan IV of Brittany, Duke of Brittany* ‎± 1068
woman Anjou, Ermengarde d' & Conan II of Brittany, Duke of Brittany, Count of Rennes
man Anjou, Fulk I, Count of Anjou, Viscount of Tours, Count of Nantes, Viscount of Angers, Abbot of Saint-Aubin d'Angers and Saint-Lézin d' & Roscille Unknown* ‎± 870† ‎after 13 Aug 941
man Anjou, Fulk II, Count of Anjou - After 941 to 958-960 d' & Gerberge Unknown* ‎± 905† ‎between Sep 958 and Sep 960
man Anjou, Fulk III 'Nerra', Count of Anjou d' & Hildegarde de Lorraine* ‎between 965 and 970† ‎21 Jun 1040† Metz, Moselle, Lorraine, France
man Anjou, Fulk IV, Count of Anjou d' 1st X Bertrade de Montfort, 2nd & Hildegarde of Beaugency* ‎between 1042 and 1043† ‎14 Apr 1109
man Anjou, Fulk V, Count of Anjou, King of Jerusalem d' & Eremburge de la Fleche, Countess of Maine* ‎between 1089 and 1092† ‎13 Nov 1143† Acre, Kingdom of Jerusalem, Outremer, Levant
man Anjou, Geoffrey I 'Grisegonelle', Count of Anjou d' & Adèle de Troyes† ‎21 Jul 987† Château-du-Loir, Sarthe, Pays de la Loire, France
woman Anjou, Gerberga d' & William II of Angoulême, Count of Angoulême
man Anjou, Ingelger d' & Unknown
woman Anjou, Sibylla d' & Theodoric of Alsace, Count of Flanders* ‎± 1112† ‎1165
woman Apps, Dinah * ‎1718/19* Ticehurst, Sussex, England
man Apps, Edward * ‎1711* Ticehurst, Sussex, England
man Apps, Edward X Mary Merrick† ‎Jun 1750† Ticehurst, Sussex, England
woman Apps, Elizabeth * ‎1706/07* Ticehurst, Sussex, England† ‎Apr 1707† Ticehurst, Sussex, England
woman Apps, Jemima * ‎1752* Ticehurst, Sussex, England† ‎1761† Ticehurst, Sussex, England
man Apps, John * ‎1753* Ticehurst, Sussex, England
man Apps, John * ‎1708* Ticehurst, Sussex, England
woman Apps, Keturah * ‎1758* Ticehurst, Sussex, England
woman Apps, Mary & Jeffrey Coppen* ‎between 1751 and 1755* Ticehurst, Sussex, England† ‎10 Jul 1824† Lenham, Kent, England
man Apps, Robert * ‎1715/16* Ticehurst, Sussex, England
woman Apps, Susanna * ‎1726* Ticehurst, Sussex, England
man Apps, William & Mary Ann Unknown* ‎± 1723~ Ticehurst, Sussex, England† ‎1799† Brenchley, Kent, England
woman Apulia, Maud of & Ramon Berenguer II of Barcelona, Count of Barcelona* ‎± 1059† ‎between 1111 and 1112
woman Aquitaine, Adelaide of & Hugh Capet, Duke of France, King of France* ‎between 940 and 955† ‎between 1003 and 1005
woman Aquitaine, Agnes of 1st & Ramiro II of Aragon, King of Aragon, 2nd & Aimery V of Thouars, Viscount of Thouars* ‎± 1105† ‎± 1159